Tap Tap APK Download v0.10.1 – Double Tap Back (iOS14 Gestures)

What is Tap, Tap Apk

Tap, Tap is a port of the double-tap on back of device gesture from Android 7.0 to Android 11 devices.

It allows you to use the gesture to Launch Apps, Toggle the Flashlight, Open Google Assistant, Take a Screenshot, Control the Device (including Switch to Last App, Accept/Reject Call, Snooze Alarm), Launch Camera, Toggle Mute & Much More.

Tap, Tap works on any Android phone running Android 7.0 or above.

Tap, Tap App brings the shelved iOS14 & Android 11 double-tap gesture to almost any Android Device.


1- Double Tap Actions & Triple Tap Actions

You can choose any Actions as Gestures below: –

Accept Call & Reject Call (disable the call gate)
Launch Camera
On/Off Flashlight
Toggle Mute (Switch Vibrate/Silent/Loud)
Launch Any App
Launch Assistant 
Take a Screenshot
Lock the Screen
Switch to Last App
Snooze/Dismiss Alarm
Play/Pause current playing audio
Launch any Shortcut
& Much More

2- Gates 

Using Gates Feature, you are able to Block the Gesture from Working in Situations Such as when the screen is off, when you are on a call, when the device is in your pocket, when the keyboard is open & much more.

Gates are situations that can block the gesture from running any actions.

In order for any Gesture to be run, all the enabled gates must be enabled.

3- Change Sensitivity

You can change gesture sensitivity according to your choice!

Download(13 MB)

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