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Make lip sync videos and dance videos with your favorite music, quotes and movies! Dubsmash has the world’s largest selection of sounds from your favorite songs, shows & movies. Dubsmash works in a very simple way you just have to choose one of the thousands of audio files available in the app, listen to it so you know exactly how it sounds, activate your camera, and then try to move your lips so it looks like you’re the one doing the talking. You can post it to Dubsmash and watch your views. This app is similar to tiktok.

Dubsmash always has the best trending sounds and music clips, updated daily find them on the Explore screen or discover through other videos in the Feed. In Dubsmash’s audio gallery you’ll find thousands of famous quotes of all kinds from cartoon phrases to declarations from politicians, and fragments of songs as well. All of them available to you so you can create your own Dubsmash.


  • Featured videos are easy to find in the Feed just create an awesome Dub and share it with your followers.
  • Try a dance challenge or post your dance video.
  • Get dancing and make a video to the latest trending sounds.
  • Lip sync to your favorite songs and quotes.
  • Add captions to your Dubs.
  • All your Dubs in one place.
  • Record new sounds in your Profile for others to Dub.
  • Make video Dubs and save them in your profile.
  • Like other Dubs you see and see how many users like you back.
  • Watch videos from Dubsmash creators & follow the best.

    Download APK1(78.4 MB)

    Download APK2(78.4 MB)

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