Legendino:DinosaurBattle v1.2.6 for Android

Legendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur Battle

Welcome to the Lost World, a world inhabited by mysterious Dinos!

Become a great adventurer and explore the unknown world of Dinos!

3 vs 3 power battle with awesome Dinos, “Legendino”!

[Global PVP Dino Battle!]

– Command 3 Dinos to lead the battle

– Use the basic skills (attack, defense) and unique skills that appear randomly at the right time.

– Defeat all three of your opponent’s dinos to win the battle!

■ Oh! A Dino is about to be born from an egg!

Let’s raise 162 kinds of legendary Dinos including Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus!

• Eat ‘dinosaur feed’ and level up quickly!

• More and more powerful with 3 stages of evolution!

• Random unique skill activated! Combine 27 different skills.

• Skill & ability upgrade through research

■ Global battles to enjoy with your friends!

• Friendly Match: Add your friend’s ID right now and play one-on-one with your friend!

• Guild: Create a guild with your friends and share information and items!

• Arena: Battle with users around the world! Time to show off your mighty dino!

■ Shh, a strategy for winning battles that only you may know!

• Attack and Defense? Predict the opponent’s behavior and choose one of ‘Soul Charge’, ‘Attack’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Unique Skill’!

• Aggressive? defensive? Among the 6 basic skills, you can set the number of attacks/defenses differently!

• Combine skills to activate more powerful skills such as ‘Strong Attack’, ‘Evade’, and ‘Counter’.

• Fast and deadly attack, super powerful special Dino Field skill!

“Dino Battle, Real-time Strategy Turn-Based PVP! Log into Legendino NOW!!”
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Download APK(125.0MB)

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