Jewels Pop APK Download – for Pocket Storm

“Jewels Pop” brings brand new game experience to classic jewel games.

To achieve high scores, this game requires strategic thinking. You have to think ahead, and use the power-ups wisely.

How to play?
– Tap on two or more jewels of the same kind to eliminate them;
– Reach the target points of each level to move on.

– Bomb: to eliminate a single jewel;
– Lightning: To eliminate all jewels of the same column.

These power-ups are placed at right/top corner of the game screen. Click to select, click again to cancel.

Scoring Tips:
– The more jewels you pop at once, the more points you will get.
Score = jewels * jewels * 2
E.g., 5 jewels = 50;
10 jewels = 200;

– Try to clear all jewels, to get a lot of bonus.
Bonus = 800 – jewels remaining * jewels remaining * 8,
E.g., 5 jewels left = 600;
0 jewels left = 800.

+ Designed for both phone and tablets;
+ Google Play global leaderboards(OS2.2+);
+ Power-ups;
+ Auto save game progress;
+ HD graphics;
+ Awesome sound effects;
+ Save 10 high scores

Download APK(v2.2)

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